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    Hungarian Pepper Plants
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    Beaver Dam Mild Pepper
    Beaver Dam
    Per order today shipping starts early April $5.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT #ppp017

    Beaver Dam Pepper Plant : Heirloom Hungarian heirloom brought to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1912. Peppers are a bright green before maturing to deep red. Fruit is 5in x 2.5in and tapered and is mildly hot and has an excellent flavor. Great for salsa, pickling, and stuffing.

    Black Hungarian Pepper
    Black Hungarian
    Per order today shipping starts early April $5.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Black Hungarian Pepper Plant : Heirloom This Hungarian heirloom produces 3-4" fruits similar in shape to Jalapenos. Fruit start out a glossy black and ripen to red. The pods are mildly hot and have a delicious flavor. Highly ornamental and useful in the kitchen. The leaves are green with purple veins and lovely purple flowers. Plants grows about 30-36" tall. Rare & colorful.

    Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
    Hungarian Hot Wax
    Our Price: $5.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper Plant : Heirloom Developed in Hungary an early and prolific yellow pepper with fruit that is about 5 to 8 inches long. This mid-hot Hungarian wax pepper has thin walls and usually are used fresh in salads, but they also are pickled. Peppers are orange red when ripe. It can be used fresh, dried or cooked.


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