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Garth's Purple Kohlrabi Plants Garth's Purple - Kohlrabi Plant

Garth's Purple Kohlrabi : Purplish leaves and globes with mild turnip-cabbage flavor. Leaves are eaten like kale and white-fleshed bulbs are eaten like broccoli. Plants grow to 18" tall, with globes growing above the soil. Plant in early spring for a summer harvest and again in late summer for fall and winter harvests. Harvest bulbs when tennis-ball sized. Peel and remove all tough and woody parts before slicing and cooking.

Our Price: $4.29
Garth’s White Vienna Kohlrabi Plants Garth's White - Kohlrabi Plant

Garth's White Vienna Kohlrabi : Smooth skinned, very sweet, improved Vienna type, not resistant. Flavor is mild, sweet, turnip-like. Superb raw or steamed.

Our Price: $4.29