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Leek ' American Flag Large '
Leek American Flag Large Herb Plants:Leeks

Leek ' American Flag '
1 plant in a 3 1/2" pot
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Leek : "American Flag Large" 'Allium Ampeloprasum' Also called "Giant Musselburh" or "Scotch Flag". The foliage of the American Flag Leek is blue-green with a white shank, the stems grow 10-15" long and about 2-3" in diameter. Leeks date back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Leeks are very hardy and overwinter well in most regions. Leeks tolerate cold temperatures as low as 25° F. Leeks are a hardy biennial even though they are usually grown as an annual.

Culinary Uses : Leeks have a sweet onion flavor and are great in soups, stews and salads.
Medicinal Uses :
Other Uses :
How to Grow: Plant in a well-drained soil rich in organic matter, 2 to 3" deep and 2" to 3" apart in rows. Water growing leeks only when soil is dry to the touch. Plant in full sun. Mulch the plants heavily if you intend to over winter them. The ideal soil temperature for growing leeks is 55 to 75 degrees F with a ph of 6 - 6.8. To increase the amount of white shank on the stalk, blanch the stems by mounding soil around them. In mild winter climates transplant leeks into the garden in autumn or late winter.
Harvesting: Leeks best harvested just before use and when they get to be 1 to 2 inches in diameter. To harvest use a garden fork to loosen dirt close to the leeks first, then pull them up by the leaves. The leaves can be cut into a "V" shape (outside shorter) to help slow transpiration. Leeks can be stored for several weeks in a root cellar or placed in a refrigerator for two to three weeks.
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