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    Trinidad Type Pepper Plants
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    7 Pot  Jonah Pepper Plant
    7 Pot Jonah
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    7 Pot Jonah Pepper Plant : Also called Trinidad Jonah, Jonah 7 Pot, Trinidad 7 Pot Jonah. These hybrid peppers mature from light green to red. The 7 Pot Jonah produces pods the size of a golfball. Surface of pods are pimply and lumpy with some even growing little Scorpion tails. Plant grows to about 3 to 4 ft. tall. 800,000 to 900,000 Scovilles

    7 Pot Douglah Pepper Plant
    7 Pot Douglah
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    7 Pot Douglah Pepper Plant : Chocolate version of Trinidad 7 Pot with a sweeter flavor but just as hot! This pepper is equal if not hotter than the Bhut Jolokia. It has a fruity/nutty flavor and a delayed heat. The Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah has been rated at over 1,200,000 Scoville Units of heat. One of the hottest peppers on earth!

    7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper
    7 Pot Brain Strain
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    7 Pot Brain Strain Pepper Plant : Growers all over the world say this is the hottest of the red 7 Pot strain chile plants. Very productive chile plant and has a fruity flavor like other 7 pots. This is a variety that was developed using selective breeding by saving pods from plants that would produce the desired traits. Not a Hybrid as a Hybrid is crossing varieties. Over 5 years ago David Capiello a well known grower and chile hobbyist from North Carolina obtained 7 Pot seeds from another grower in Trinidad known as Sara. Sara is responsible for getting many Trinidad varieties spread all over the world. David selected pods with the desired traits that Moruga Scorpions have, which is a lumpy grainy texture like the human brain. He named these Brain Strain.

    Trinidad Mustard Scorpion Pepper
    Trinidad Mustard Scorpion
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Trinidad Mustard Scorpion Pepper Plant : This pepper packs the heat of a Trinidad Scorpion but ripens to a dark olive green with traces of light brown. Mustard Scorpion's peppers get a little over 1 inch in diameter. The flavor is different than any other Scorpion I would have to say kind of smoky. These chile plants get just over 3 feet tall. If you like the flavor of Scorpions then you will like the Trinidad Mustard Scorpion chile plant!

    Chocolate Moruga Scorpion Pepper Plant
    Moruga Scorpion Chocolate
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Moruga Scorpion Chocolate Pepper Plant : Also called the Brown Moruga Scorpion. This is the Chocolate version of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion that scored a world record heat of over 2,000,000 Scoville units. The heat level is comparable to the red Moruga Scorpion but it has a much sweeter flavor.

    Yellow Moruga Scorpion Pepper
    Moruga Scorpion Yellow
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Moruga Scorpion Yellow Pepper Plant This yellow version of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has a nice fruity flavor like the Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot but does not get as large even though it does resemble the Yellow 7 Pot. A very productive chile plant. It has a much lower heat level than the red Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

    7 Pot Bubblegum Pepper
    7 Pot Bubblegum
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    7 Pot Bubblegum Pepper Plant 7 Pot Bubblegum pepper is a 3rd generation cross developed by Jon Harper a grower in the U.K in 2012. It is a cross between a red Moruga Scorpion and a Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot. It retains the look of the Moruga Scorpion but has a unique feature in that a light pink color sometimes bleeds up through the top of the pepper into the stem.

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T
    Our Price: $7.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper Plant : The Trinidad Scorpion " Butch T " was the hottest pepper in the world in 2011 by the official Guinness World's Record with a record setting 1,463,700 Scoville Units. Fruit mature from green to a bright red.