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    A good rule of thumb is a month to six weeks prior to the last killing frost in your particular planting zone at which time soil temperature should be around 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. There are always exceptions so do not plant in excessively wet soil or your potatoes may rot. If your potatoes do not have visible eyes, don’t worry. Place in a pantry where you would normally store onions or place in front of a warm window a few days. In general a 5 pound bag will plant approximately a 50 ft. row.


    After your potatoes begin showing some nice eyes we recommend cutting your potatoes a day before you plant .This gives the fresh cut time to callous over a bit. Each potato needs to be cut in approximately one inch cubes making sure each cube has a nice eye on it. Plants can grow bushy so the wider the rows the better, just depending on your space. Ideal spacing is 36”- 42” apart. Lay your rows off as shallow trenches 6-8 inches deep and place the eyes in the row 12”-14” apart and cover with soil at a depth of 3”- 4” , but not completely filled. Fertilize on top with a good organic product like Espoma Garden-tone. In a week or two depending on how quick the soil temperatures continue to warm sprouts will begin shooting up. When sprout get to 6-8 inches tall pull more soil to the plant from each side of the row(this is called hilling) ,but only covering up to ½ the distance up the sprout. DO NOT COVER ENTIRE SPROUT.


    Plants will usually start dying down after 8-10 weeks and this signifies the potatoes are ready. Before digging entire crop try just digging up a few in several places to check the maturity of the tubers. Take care in harvesting trying not to skin the tubers. Nothing tastes better than freshly dug potatoes cooked in with some green string beans.

    We hope you have a very successful growing season. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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