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    Lil Double Wheel Hoe

    Our Price: $209.99
    Our Price: $129.99
    <P><SPAN style="COLOR: #006400; FONT-SIZE: 15pt; FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Lil Double Wheel Hoe</SPAN></P> Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
    Double wheel garden cultivator
    Hoss Tools takes the Single Wheel Hoe, adds another wheel and axle, and makes the Lil Double Wheel Hoe. This stabilizes the wheel hoe, enables it to straddle the row for cultivating until the plants are about 6" high. We call this the "Lile Double Wheel Hoe.
    Opens soil, spaces and covers seed, marks next row; all in one simple operation. The Earthway Precision Garden Seeder saves seed, saves time, saves labor - makes planting easier. Six seed plates included; corn, beans, peas, radish, carrots, and beets. Same plates can be used for 15 other varieties or similar size seeds.