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I want to thank you for the latest shipments of plants I received this week. It is my second purchase from your nursery… and I just have to tell you that you folks do it up right. The packaging is excellent and the vegetables are top notch and healthy. I write this because I have ordered from other nurseries in the past and the results were just not good. Consider me a past, present and future customer. Keep up the good work.

Terry W.

Castle, OK

Received my Bhut Jolokia peppers, order # --- .They arrived healthy and beautiful. Great packaging system you have! UPS was timed perfect. Look forward for my future business.

Thanks, Ernie

Edwardsville, PA

Hi; luckily you are a reputable outfit. Will deal with you again some point in the future?

Althea M.

Savoy, MA

Just wanted to say thanks, I got my plants fast and in good condition. I like the way you package them. I’ll recommend you to everyone I know.

5 Stars –

Chris P.

Avon, IN


I meant to send you an email a lot sooner than this. I wanted to tell you that the plants I received were amazing. I ordered 4 bhut jolokias back in May and they were perfect. They were about 10 times the size I expected. I have previously ordered plants from another company and they were about the size of a quarter and the wrong plants. Now I have my first peppers and I’m sure I’ll have a bumper crop. Thanks again and you have a customer for life.

P.S. I don’t have much room to grow in my back yard so I maximize my

space with only a few select plants.

Paul P.

Centerville, VA


Got the plants yesterday… U DID GOOD!!!! If these are examples of the type quality and care you put in shipping then you can expect more orders from me. I come from generations of nurserymen working with hundreds of acres of production and have seen a lot of plant material & saw many kinds of shipping/trucking. You guys are doing it right, many thanks. I just wanted to express my thoughts.

Scott W.

Knoxville, TN

I am super impressed with the tomato plants (Caro Rich and some others) I already received
-- strong, sturdy, healthy, simple but effective packaging -- so great, in fact I had to order
more. I am also impressed by the variety of tomatoes you offer and am talking you up as a well kept secret! Now I am no stranger to ordering plants on-line, shamefully so, I already have at least ten others from other companies and the difference (for the same prices) is
amazing. You will be my supplier from now on. Sincerely, Molly R. Gouldsboro, ME

Just sharing - all 4 of the pepper plants have peppers now! This is so cool!! We have a customer
at one of the farmers markets who often brings us seed and even plants sometimes, I can't wait
to present him with a Ghost Pepper in a few weeks!!! Thanks and have a great day, - Dave

I received my tomato plant order yesterday and I was so pleased at the size, quality and overall
condition of the plants. Amazing! Thanks so much for doing such a good job.
My peppers arrived and are looking beautiful and healthy. A little water and topped of the
settled soil and into my new home greenhouse they went. Thank You, for the extra Bhut
chocolate, Bhut Peach, and the Ecuadorian Devil’s Breath. I’m looking forward to trying out
each of the new varieties I ordered, but wait I’m not done! I have to try out your chipotle peppers.
I’m ordering two this coming Friday. I always thought chipotle was a roasted, smoked red jalapeno. I learn everyday.
Thanks Again, Ernie S.

I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic experience with solving an issue I had. An employee even gave me his cell number because you close before mail arrives here in
California. I will absolutely recommend Piedmont Farms to my friends( and I am a long
established member on The Hot Pepper .com, the biggest and most respected site on the Internet for pepper growing. This is 100% due to customer service. All plants came recently very healthy and bug free! Thanks
Kevin D.

Hello I received your plants today and had to comment. The plants are in excellent shape and the
packaging was perfect. I am very impressed and will be ordering from you guys again!
Thanks so much,

I ordered 2 Bonnie Best tomato plants & they arrived today. Order number 5472. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the way that they were packed & how good a shape they arrived in & how large they are already. If they die, it will be my fault & not yours. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you so much.

Jeanette K

I want to thank you for the wonderful service. I ordered pepper plants from a different place last year and they sent me tiny little things that really never produced anything. I almost didnt order this year because of that bad experience. When I got my package from you I could tell this was different. Large box and heavy. Just the opposite from last year. I pulled those pepper plants out of the box and even my dad was impressed and that takes A LOT . You guys know what you are doing, not just in the growing of the peppers but it shipping them. You have all my online orders from now on. Thank you again!
Alicia B

I just received my first order from you. It was for three Ghost pepper plants. I was concerned because you said they were shipped on May 18 priority mail, but I did not receive them until May 22. Five days packed and in shipment could not be good for the plants. However, I was extremely impressed when I opened the box. I have ordered many plants by mail over the years. The quality of these far exceeded any mail order plant I have ever received. I hope the plants grow and produce as good as the condition in which they arrived. I've already started bragging about you to my gardening friends. Thank you. Sincerely, Carol C
Got my plants in today and they're in the ground. I have to tell you how beautiful these plants are and how well they were packaged. I will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks, Scott
Thank you very much for outstanding service. Plants arrived in pristine condition.
Thanks again! Oscar Hi! I received delivery today for the 3 bottles of Superior flavoring. Thank you for the awesome packaging! They got here in perfect shape. That would not have happened except for the packing. The outside box was mangled with some gravel inside. I was worried. Thank you again! P. Lovellette.
Order came in today. You sure know how to grow excellent plants. Rarely have I seen such care in packaging. Excellent !!!!!! Thank you very much. Steve

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I received the three pepper plants that I ordered (including the Carolina Reaper, which I searched high and low for) and am EXTREMELY HAPPY AND EXCITED about my order. The plants were well-packaged, and look healthy and robust. You all obviously take pride in what you do, and it shows. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again. Thank you very much!! Michael

Got the order the very next and the plants are outstanding.

I just want to say that these plants I got today are the healthiest plants I have ever received from any company!!! I will be buying from you again & I'm gonna tell every gardener I know, about this as well.. Thank you, Joe

I just received the Blondkopfchen tomato 
plants from you today and was so impressed at how wonderfully healthy 
they are. Thank you so much.

I am completely honest when I say this to your company. I am UNBELIEVABLY IMPRESSED with the quality of the plants you sent me. I ordered a number of super hot peppers from you, and I received huge plants that are almost fruit bearing and all completely healthy. I have never received such large and healthy plants from any other company ever! I am not going to bother ordering from any other companies anymore. I am one of your loyal customers from this point on. In fact, I am going to order more plants from you in the next few days because I am so amazed at what I get for $5.99 per plant. Feel free to post this review on your website, I am so appreciative of what you and your company do.


Thanks so much for the quick shipment! We had lost our bottle of Superior Vanilla Butternut flavoring to a house fire last year. Then, we found out my sister was allergic to red dye #40, so we didn't bother getting a new bottle. Upon further recent research I found out that they made the dye-free and that y'all carry it. As soon as I got it in the door, I peeled the top and it smells exactly like the original recipe!!! I am so excited and am looking forward to our family favorite recipes that call for this. Thank you so much for providing this product and thanks for the quick delivery!

An extremely satisfied customer,

I just received my plants and just wanted to say they are the best looking plants I've EVER BOUGHT. Thanks for the great service and beautiful plants.