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Oat Seeds : Buy Oats seeds for planting as a grain crop for flour and oatmeal, annual forage crop, catch-crop for nitrogen, cover crop ( to control erosion, and for adding organic matter to the soil as a green manure ) and for wildlife food plots for deer and other wildlife. Oats can also be planted for seed production or harvested in earlier stages for hay. Oats are less winter hardy than wheat, barley, or rye and will generally suffer yield losses when the temperature falls below 20 degrees F. Oats grow best in silt and clay-loam soils that have a good moisture retention ability. Oats are an excellent crop for most food plots as they will both attract and hold wildlife because they are fast to establish and produce wide leaves, that deer and other wildlife love to eat. During the first months of growth oats are high in protein 14% to 18% and are easily digestible to wildlife.

Planting Oats :
In cold climate areas oat seeds are best planted in the early spring for a summer harvest. In the Southern areas oat seeds are best planted in fall for a spring harvest. Oats grow the best when planted in a dryer soil. The optimum pH range is between 4.5 - 6. For maximum cover crop benefit oats should be planted six to ten weeks prior to a frost.

Oat Seeding Rate : Drill 80 to 110 lb. per acre
Broadcast 110 to 140 lb. per acre
Food plot rate 60 to 80 lb. per acre

Oat Seeds Per Pound : 15,000 to 17,000

Oat Seed Planting Dates : Fall mid Aug, to Sept.

Oat Seed Planting Depth : 3/4" to 1 1/2" deep

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