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Dill Mammoth Long Island
Mammoth Long Island  Dill Plants

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Dill Mammoth Long Island : "Anethum Graveolens" Matures more quickly than others and also has higher yields. The large umbels are covered with masses of seed. Plant growes to about 48" tall. This Indian dill, finely cut leaves, flavor different than other dills.

Culinary Uses : Dill one of the oldest known culinary herbs around is best known as a pickling herb for cucumbers, green beans, carrots, and beets. When cooking dill is great when used with fish, lamb, pork, poultry. Dill is used extensively in Scandinavian and Russian cooking. Seeds add a zest to breads, cheeses, dips, and salad dressings. Also used as an herb butter, to spice up sour cream, in many sauces and cream cheese, and in various dips.
Medicinal Uses : Frequently prescribed as a tea to treat insomnia and digestive problems. Dill oil is used in pharmaceuticals, these essential oils extracted from dill are used as a remedy to relief painful intestinal spasms and muscular cramps and as an aid to alleviate colic in children.
Other Uses : Dryed flowerheads add a nice, airy touch to flower arrangements. Oil is used in cosmetics and liqueurs. As a ornamental combine it with flowers in a bed or border, its fern like foliage provides a soft background for smaller sun-loving plants. In the garden dill attract beneficial insects, including bees.
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