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Coriander Tang Improved
Tang Improved Coriander Plants

Coriander ' Tang Improved '
1 plant in a 3 1/2" pot
Our Price: $5.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT


Coriander Tang Improved : ' Coriandrum sativum ' Asian, bushy plant, broad green leaf, spicy, fast growing, great for home garden or freshmarket. Plant grows to about 24" tall.

Culinary Uses : Used in seasoning pickles and meats. Excellent in Mexican, Chinese, and Latin American dishes. Also grown for its spicy seeds that are used crushed in curries. The seeds have a great peppery flavor.
Medicinal Uses : Ethnomedicinal uses include treatment for burns, earache, fevers, hypertension, constipation, fits, asthma, stomach ache, worms, infertility complications, snake bites, diarrhea and malaria. The plant is said to calm a person's spirit and thus prevents epileptic fits (seizures). Medicinally, the leaves and roots are used in tea to stimulate appetite, improve digestion, combat colic, soothe stomach pains, and eliminate gas.
Other Uses :
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