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Plant some richly flavored, easy to grow garlic sets in your garden today.
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California Garlic Sets:Bulbs California Garlic

$17.99 for 3 bulbs - with 5 to 7 cloves per bulb

California Garlic

A off-white garlic. Large, plump bulbs have papery skins and plenty of creamy-white cloves. Easy to grow, very productive softneck type. Cultivate and store as you would onions. Approx. 5-7 cloves per bulb.

Our Price: $17.99
Elephant Garlic Set / Bulb Elephant Garlic

( Price of $6.99 is per clove )

Elephant Garlic

(Allium ampeloprasum) Elephant garlic is not a true garlic; it a leek. Very large, somewhat yellowish bulbs that average five monstrously large cloves per bulb. Bulbs can weigh over a pound. The flavor is milder than reg. garlic. Bulbs can store for about a year at room temp.

Our Price: $6.99 ( Per Clove FREE SHIPPING )
German Red Garlic German Red Garlic

$17.99 for 2 bulb - with 6 to 8 cloves per bulb

German Red Garlic

A popular rocambole that was one of the first hardnecked varieties to become widely popular. Garlic has white wrappers with a slight pinkish-red tinge over flattened bulbs that are 2" and larger in diameter. German Red garlic has a strong full-bodied flavor. Excellent keeper and easy to peel.

Our Price: $17.99
Music Garlic Music Garlic

$17.99 for 2 per bulb - with 5 to 6 cloves per bulb

Music Garlic

Music is a hardneck garlic with 5-6 cloves per bulb. Music has a rich, strong robust flavor and is easy to peel. One of the most popular varieties due to it's vigorous growth and taste.

Our Price: $17.99

Softneck Garlic: Allium sativum subsp. sativum
These varieties produce 6-18 cloves in several layers around a soft central stem. Approximate cloves per pound is 50-90 but this can vary based on seasonal conditions and the variety. This easy-to-grow garlic is excellent in the kitchen and usually have the best storage qualities.

Hardneck Garlic: Allium sativum subsp. ophioscorodon
This garlic typically produce 5-10 cloves per head. Approximate cloves per pound is 40-65 but this can vary based on seasonal conditions and the variety. Cloves grow in a single circle around a central woody stem. These varieties also produce, or attempt to produce, a flower stalk. Hardneck garlic has a shorter storage life than softnecks.

Elephant Garlic: Allium ampeloprasum:
Not a true garlic, these enormous bulbs have a much milder and sweeter flavor than garlic, as it's related more closely to a leek. The bulbs are huge, potentially weighing up to a pound.