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Curly Roja Kale Plant Curly Roja Kale Plant

Curly Roja Kale

Is a heirloom kale that has deep purple stems with ruffled frilled leaf edges. Plant grows 16" to 18" tall. Edible and ornamental. This kale is very cold hardy!

Our Price: $4.29 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT
Dwarf Blue Scotch Kale Plants Dwarf Blue Scotch Kale Plant

Dwarf Blue Scotch Kale

A blue-green kale with crinkled leaves and very attractive reaching 12-15" in high, and spread to 20-35" in width. that are quite delicious, very cold hardy. Will over winter with little protection. This is one of the best frost resistant kales. Extremely nutritious, kale that can be eaten fresh in salads or cooked in any number of ways.

Our Price: $4.29 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT
Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale Plants Lacinato Plant

Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale

bluegreen kale with leaves that are 3" wide by 10-18" long with a heavily savoyed texture. Also known as Dinosaur or Tuscan Kale this Italian heirloom that dates back to the eighteenth century. Excellent flavor, especially harvested young and after first frost.

Our Price: $4.29 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT
Red Russian Kale Plant Red Russian Kale Plant

Red Russian Kale

Has deep gray-green leaves that are held up by red stems. This pre-1885 heirloom variety continues getting better with the purple colors become richer after frost, and the flavor becomes sweeter.

Our Price: $4.29 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT
Redbor Kale Plant Redbor Kale Plant

Redbor Kale

Has finely-curled, deep red leaves that are sweet and tender. Redbor plants grow (18-24″) tall. Also beautiful in flower arrangements and wonderful as ornamental plants.

Our Price: $4.29 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT
Growing Kale: Kale is one of the most nutritious plants you can grow in the garden, and is packed with vitamins. Kale grows best in rich well composted moist soil with a PH between 6.2 and 6.8. Kale likes a nice, even supply of water, about 1 to 1.5 inches per week. Plant seeds a 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and 3 inches apart. Set out seedlings 18 to 24 inches apart. Can be grown throughout the winter in USDA zones 7 - 9.

Care of Kale:

Plants may continue to produce leaves throughout the winter if you mulch the soil heavily after the first hard freeze.

Kale is ready to harvest when the leaves are about the size of your hand.

Side dressing throughout the growing season with compost or feeding with some type of high nitrogen fertilizer

Never pick all the leaves, or the ones right in the center or you will kill the plant.

Cool weather and light frost improves the flavor of kale.

Can tolerate drought, but quality and flavor of leaves suffer.