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    Italian Pepper Plants
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    Corno di Toro Red Sweet Pepper Plant
    Corno di Toro Red
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Corno di Toro Red : Heirloom pepper from Italy. Fruit of this Italian pepper is 8 to 10" long and are curved like a bull's horn. Great sweet flavor fresh or roasted. Ripen to red. 6,000 Scoville.

    Cubanelle Sweet Pepper Plant
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Cubanelle Pepper Plant : Heirloom Originally from Italy, with fruit that is about 6x2" and ripen from a yellow to green. Good for frying. Fruit has a sweet-pepper flavor with just the slightest hint of spice. Plants grow to about 2ft tall. 100 to 1000 Scovilles

    Giant Marconi Mild Pepper Plant
    Giant Marconi
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Giant Marconi Pepper Plants : Hybrid pepper that produces excellent yields of huge 8" long by 3" wide sweet peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. One of the biggest Italian type peppers that you'll find and one of the best peppers for roasting. Plant grow to about 30" tall.

    Golden Treasure Sweet Pepper Plant
    Golden Treasure
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Golden Treasure Pepper Plant : Heirloom A sweet Italian variety with fantastic flavor and fruit that is about 8 - 9in long and 2in at the shoulder. Ripens from green to shiny yellow. Excellent for roasting, pickling, stuffing.

    Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper Plant
    Jimmy Nardello
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Jimmy Nardello Pepper Plant : Heirloom A Italian frying pepper with tapered oblong fruit 6" or larger in length. Mild and fresh when green, very sweet when red. Mr. Nardello's mother brought these pepper seeds with her from the Basilicata region when she immigrated to the United States in 1887. Plant grows to 18" to 24" tall. Suitable for growing in containers. Great for salsa, salads, relishes, frying or stuffing. One of the very best peppers to use for drying.

    Marconi Golden Sweet Pepper Plant
    Marconi Golden
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Marconi Golden Pepper Plant : Heirloom Traditional Italian sweet peppers. Fruit grow to about a foot long by 3" wide. Fruit turn green to yellow. Particularly good fried or roasted.

    Marconi italian Red Sweet Pepper Plant
    Marconi Italian Red
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Marconi Italian Red Pepper Plant : Heirloom Traditional Italian sweet pepper. Peppers are thick walled elongated blocky peppers grow up to 7" long and have a crisp, super sweet flavor. Great for stuffing, drying, roasting and salad toppings. Holds up well during frying. Fruit mature from green to a bright red.

    Melrose Pepper
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Melrose Pepper Plant : A great heirloom frying pepper. Very sweet fruit is 4-inch's long and turns from green to red. A true Italian variety that seems to have been widely grown in the Chicago area.

    Pepperoncini Greek Golden Pepper
    Pepperoncini Greek Golden
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Pepperoncini Greek Golden Pepper Plant : Very productive variety that is a mildly hot pepper that is a classic garnish for deli sandwiches, salads, and pizza. Plant produces good yields of 4" long by 1 ½" wide fruit that turn from light yellow-green, to yellow, to red when mature. Best harvested when yellow and pickled. These homemade peppers look more like the commercial type you see in supermarkets.

    Pepperoncini Greek Italian Pepper
    Pepperoncini Greek Italian
    Our Price: $6.99 FOR 1 PLANT IN A 3 1/2" POT

    Pepperoncini Greek Italian Pepper Plant : Also known as Tuscan peppers. Italian varieties, grown in the Tuscany region of Italy. The Greek varieties are sweeter and less bitter than the Italian Plant grows to about 30 tall. Plant has sweet green peppers that turn red when mature. Usually picked at 2 to 3 inches long, these bright red, wrinkled peppers taper to a blunt, lobed end and are very popular for pickling. Peppers are mild and sweet with a slight heat to them.


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