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    Seed potatoes are a great vegetable to add to any home garden.
    At Piedmont Farm and Garden we carry 15 varieties of seed potatoes.
    White Kennebec seed potatoes
    Red Pontiac seed potatoes
    Yukon Gold seed potatoes
    Purple Majesty seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)
    Banana Fingerling seed potatoes (Unavailable for 2019)
    Red Thumb Fingerling seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)
    Yellow Finn seed potatoes (Unavailable for 2019)
    Canela Russet seed potatoes
    Chieftan seed potatoes (Unavailable for 2019)
    Nicola seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)
    La Ratte Fingerling seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)
    Cobbler seed potatoes
    All Blue seed potatoes
    Green Mountain seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)
    German Butterball seed potatoes (Unavailable 2019)

    Plant some seed potatoes in you home garden today !!!!!

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    All Blue Seed Potato Cobbler Seed Potatoes Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes
    All Blue Seed Potatoes Cobbler Seed Potatoes Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes

    All Blue Seed Potato

    Mid-season potato with deep-blue skin and blue flesh sporting a ring of white, it fries up with an appetizing coppery-colored tinge. Respectable yields give you enough to store through the winter.

    Cobbler Seed Potatoes

    Believed to have been discovered by an Irish shoemaker in the late 1800s, Cobbler has round, buff-skinned tubers with white flesh that’s a little mealy, perfect for soaking up that butter. Early maturing and exceptional eating qualities.

    Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes

    Large dark red, smooth skin with white flesh. Excellent for mashed potatoes and boiling.

    White Kennebec Seed Potatoes Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes
    White Kennebec Seed Potatoes Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes
    White Kennebec Seed Potatoes

    Best-known potato in North America, very dependable under most growing conditions. Light tan skin, nice uniform appearance with a attractive white fleshy insides. Skin is thin and peels quickly. High in starch, great for mashing, frying, baking. Potatoes hold together well when cooked.

    Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes

    Nice potato with great flavor and excellent storage. Slightly flat and oval in shape with light gold, thin skin and light yellow flesh.They can be identified by the rosy pink coloration of the shallow eyes.